What is the Sprint for Growth Blueprint?

It’s a wall-mounted map that guides you to identify and deliver new growth opportunities – which help you achieve the growth your business needs.

The Sprint for Growth Blueprint acts as stimulation to help you be more creative when it comes to identifying business ideas – and also to find new solutions to overcome growth problems you may encounter. It’s the store of all your business ideas that fuels your growth sprints in a guided and structured manner.

Buy your Blueprint

Just £34.95 for the full-colour roll including VAT, delivery, user guide AND 65-page short story on how two struggling businesses used The Blueprint approach to turnaround their businesses.

Using your Blueprint

Your Sprint for Growth Blueprint is 592mm x 1450mm long (23” x 57”). Some aspects which shouldn’t change are written on by you while the majority of the Blueprint is designed to be used with 38mm x 51mm sticky-notes as each part can be used repeatedly.

What each zone does

Each Blueprint comes with a guide to maximising the growth you can achieve from your Blueprint. You also get a digital copy of The Blueprint, a 65-page short story which explains how two small businesses used Blueprints to dramatically change their businesses.


Your customer experience sensations

A set of customer experience sensations (or guidelines) to differentiate your business from your competition.

Your customer lifecycle stages

Your specific customer lifecycle which helps you understand how to get maximum value from your customers.

Your touchpoints

A list of all the different touchpoints you have in your business – and the new ones you want to develop.

A set of thinking tools

Four creative business thinking tools to help you continually identify fresh opportunities and address your growth issues.

Your growth opportunity hopper

The store of new growth ideas and opportunities that are ready for you to deliver.

Your growth sprints being executed

A visualised sprint management system to guide you through the delivery of your growth opportunities.

Your completed sprints

A reminder of all the sprints you’ve successfully completed and that are now delivering growth and value for you.