Getting volunteers to work on your behalf

By 29th March 2018 April 29th, 2018 Customer Experiences

Have you ever tried to have a quiet conversation in a café or restaurant which was just too loud? iHEARu is a phone app that allows people to rate public places with regard to the noise level within them.

Sometimes you want a loud and vibrant place – but at other times you don’t. For that quiet business meeting or an interview with someone – or if you have a hearing impairment, then you want a quieter venue. The app uses GPS to locate public and commercial establishments and allows users to rate the loudness within the location.

For your business, consider this…

How could you get volunteers to provide some kind of rating for you?

  • What if you asked customers to rate your service and environment as they complete their business with you?
  • What if you could publish this in a sign on your door that gives the ratings you received yesterday?
  • How could you reward people for providing introductions or feedback on potential business opportunities for you?

If you want to think differently about this for a day, consider this…

Ask customers what they do and how they use your products. Start a conversation with them and how you are trying to identify new ways to grow your business – what would they recommend you consider doing? Write it down while they are watching to show how you value this.

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