A fuel station that comes to you

By 18th March 2018 April 29th, 2018 Growth Ideas

A London based company is offering a service that saves you having to take your vehicle to a petrol station as they are a fuel station that comes to you.

Zebra Fuel currently delivers diesel fuel to vehicles at your home or work premises and charges less per litre than London petrol stations. You just pay for the fuel, without any delivery fees. They come directly to your vehicles, which saves you (and your employees) the wasted time of having to go to petrol stations to fill up.

You can track your orders easily and get a single invoice, so no more messing around with receipts and fuel cards.

For your business, consider this…

Think about how this principle might apply to your products and services?

  • Could you deliver something that people would never consider could be delivered?
  • How could you save your customers time by offering a similar type of service?
  • What if it was some type of premium or paid-for service?
  • What would your customers really value that they don’t have right now?

If you want to think differently about this for a day, consider this…

When you serve a customer today – why not ask them how you could save them time in some way. Ask them what are the aspects of their role that you could help them with. Make a note of all their comments over a week and see what themes start to arise.

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