We all know Airbnb where people rent out their rooms, flats or houses to people for short periods. Well, a new service called Twisted Road offers a similar service for motorbikes.

Rather than have to drive your own motorbike to a location to cruise the area, you simply search by the type of bike you’d like to ride, the location you want to visit, or the price you want to pay – and people who are willing to lend out their bikes are shown for you to choose from.

For your business, consider this…

Consider your business and the assets that you have…

  • What could you loan out to people that currently isn’t done?
  • Could you loan out products, equipment, or even your premises?
  • Why might people want to borrow something they wouldn’t normally buy?
  • Could you even loan our yourself as a consultant of some kind?

If you want to think differently about this for a day, consider this…

Every time you make a sale over the coming week, think about what that customers might also need to make use of your sale – and think if that might be an opportunity to hire something to them.

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