Pocari Sweat is a popular Japanese sports drink similar to Gatorade which wanted to become the first product advertised on the surface of the moon.

They planned to ‘piggy-back’ on a planned moon exploration mission and pay for a can of Pocari Sweat to be left on the moon. Their aim was for a modern-day child to potentially become an astronaut and eventually drink the contents. While this never happened, it gained a lot of press coverage at the time and was quite an inspirational vision that appealed to their potential market segment.

Potentially, it was never meant to happen as the costs would have been huge – as well as the technical issues involved relating to leaving a product on the unforgiving surface of the moon potentially for decades. However, it did capture the imagination – and the attention of the press – which was possibly the ultimate aim of Pocari Sweat’s advertising agency.

For your business, consider this…

As a small business, you probably don’t have an advertising agency – but sometimes that doesn’t matter. Advertising agencies are always looking for ways to demonstrate their creativity, and potentially your product, service, or an idea you have may help them to demonstrate this. Even if the idea doesn’t launch, it’s good exposure for them in their industry and also for you and your business.

  • So, what could make an interesting idea that would appeal to one of the small advertising agencies in your town?
  • What’s something unique about what you do that could conceivably be an interesting idea they could work with?
  • What’s a fascinating fact about your industry that they could turn into something wild?
  • The major news outlets all monitor the small news services for trending news stories – so how could this be a story that would be picked up by your local newspaper or radio station – and eventually the national press?

If you want to think differently about this for a day, consider this…

Your local advertising agency wants to be bigger. They want to get the attention of larger companies and they do this by demonstrating their creativity. So what’s something you can think of that will offer them the potential to achieve this with something you do? Give your local advertising agencies a call and have a cup of coffee with them to explain an idea you have – but let them know you have no money and are looking to get great publicity for both of you for little effort.

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