A family business started by two brothers is using labels that change colour when their gin is cooled to just the right temperature to appeal to customers.

Griffiths Brothers Gin is based in the Buckinghamshire village of Penn Street in the Chiltern Hills. There are several different methods for making gin but they use a cold-distillation process and as a result their gin is best enjoyed cold.

To help the customer know what the ideal temperature is, the logo on the back of the bottle appears clear when at room temperature and turns blue when refrigerated to below 8°C, the ideal temperature for drinking. This is a standard application of thermochromic ink which changes colour at a specific temperature.

A simple effect like this gets the customer checking the bottle is at the correct temperature prior to serving it, and also returning it to the fridge to be chilled if it starts to get too warm.

Now, imagine if you had someone over for drinks and you showed them the bottle and how the label changes colour to ensure the product is served at the best temperature. Isn’t this a simple way to get customers to be helping to share your product among their friends – in more ways than one?

For your business, consider this…

Imagine if you could get your customers to share your product or service in some way with people they know?

  • How might they show some aspect of it to their friends?
  • How could they share it with people they work with?
  • Is there something special you can share about the product at the point of sale that they will tell others about? Maybe an unusual fact relevant to the product?
  • What if you gave a business card with a really useful hint or advice printed on the back that they may share with others?

If you want to think differently about this for a day, consider this…

For every customer that you serve tomorrow, imagine one thing you could give or share with them that wouldn’t cost you anything but would be of value for the customer.

Then consider doing it for a trial to see how well it works!


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