It’s accepted that taking time off from a busy lifestyle and doing something relaxing like meditating is good for your well-being. But it’s often hard to make the time to go to a meditation centre – especially in a city that never sleeps like New York.

One company decided to take a different approach. Be Time is a service that addresses this issue as they bring their meditation service to you – in a bus.

The specially equipped bus travels the streets of Manhattan and stops at pre-determined places on a schedule that is found online. You simply book your time on their website, pay the modest fee, and wait for the bus to turn up. Their bus is described as a serene yet transformative environment that elevates you from the pavement as once you step in, the noise and chatter of the city fade as you focus on your breathing…

For your business, consider this…

How could you radically change one element of your business to become a great experience for your customers?

  • What if you decided to reverse one key element and do it the opposite way to which it’s normally done – just as the meditation business above did?
  • What change would give you an edge over your competition?
  • What’s a small but significant change that would gain the attention of potential new customers?
  • What’s an unusual change that potentially makes you an interesting news story?
  • What change would make things more efficient for your operations?

If you want to think differently about this for a day, consider this…

Ask your customers and your staff for their ideas about what you could do differently that would add value for you. Remember, you don’t have to do this permanently – you may just trial it for a short period to see if it works for you.

Why not pick a day next week to interact with your customers and ask them for their ideas as to what you could do? You may be pleasantly surprised by their suggestions!


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