You may believe that you have to be doing something totally new and different to get great press coverage – but not so!

Take the story of how a tea room bought themselves a special, new coffee machine that sprays chocolate powder on top of the foam to produce an image of the customer’s choice. This technology has been around for years, and was previously reported in a Mail Online article here back in June 2013 which focused on the service being offered in Taiwanese coffee shops.

All news outlets are on a constant quest for news – stories that gain the attention of viewers or readers. This is their reason for existing.

So, when The Tea Terrace introduced their “new” coffee-image machine, they managed to get their story in a BBC video which is sensational coverage for a small business to have.

A phone app allows customers to share an image of their choice with the coffee machine which then reproduces this image in powder on top of the foam. The image can be a photo, logo, text – or anything else you can send as a picture. It’s a great way of turning a simple drink into a unique experience for a customer.

And a great opportunity to make news on a quiet news day…

For your business, consider this…

What’s something your business could do that would make interesting news somehow?

  • You don’t have to go as far as buying a special, new machine – but is there some skill, product or service that you have or offer that many people wouldn’t normally know about?
  • Is there a specific, little-known fact – especially if it’s related to a particular time of the year – that a news outlet would want to share with its audience?
  • It may not be the BBC but what if it was your local newspaper, radio or television station?
  • What would be some interesting coverage in the trade publications that cover your particular industry?

If you want to think differently about this for a day, consider this…

You don’t have to be the centre of a story to start off with – you could be quoted in an article with other people on a topic. So, what’s something interesting that is known by you, your business, or your industry – that the general public would find interesting? If you can’t think of anything yourself, then ask your team members for their ideas.

Take action! Why not do it tomorrow?

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