How toilet paper can make a great business story

By 22nd January 2018 February 17th, 2018 Business Creativity

Japan’s largest communications company NTT Docomo recently moved into the toilet paper industry. How? By installing an additional roll of smart phone screen cleaning paper alongside the conventional rolls of toilet paper in the arrivals hall of Narita airport in Tokyo.

Studies show that smart phone screens carry germ levels that are way above the accepted levels of safety. And what better time to clean your screen than when you are seated for a short while with time on your hands.

This special toilet paper also carries useful information for visitors to Japan regarding the high-tech public toilets that visitors are likely to encounter – and as you’d expect, advertising for the communications services provided by NTT Docomo.

While this service clearly has benefits for the user, its primary success is in how it gained global press coverage for NTT Docomo at very little cost. And for all the right reasons too.

Your next steps…

Imagine if your business did something that caught the world’s attention. Naturally it would start off with the local press – but the national press, radio and television stations are always looking for scoops that they can take from the local level to be national items.

  • So what will your scoop be? It must be something cheap to do – but of clear value for people.
  • Alcohol can sometimes help in this regard. Next time you’re having friends over with a bottle of wine, or you’re in the bar putting a few beers back with your mates, ask them for their ideas. You’ll be surprised at what will come up!
  • Alternatively, if you already have a ‘scoop’ idea, ask people you know and trust how you could make this into a newsworthy item.
  • Never forget that your local media are always desperate for local news that makes a good story. So make sure you turn your ideas into a great story for them!

Just do it…

Explain to your mates over a few beers this weekend what you want to do – and see what they suggest.

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