As a smaller business owner, you’re always wanting to offer new products and services – which can frequently be hard to identify. So why not try putting a new slant on your traditional offer?

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies was recently voted the number one kids shop in London by Time Out Magazine. They simply re-package readily available goods into their own monster-branded range – and then sell it at premium prices.

For instance, individual clotted cream fudge bites are sold as cubed earwax which is harvested from humans fed on a strict diet of Tinned Fear, which is marvellously effective in stimulating the Ceruminous Gland. Their various flavoured seasoning salts (shown above) are sold as Salt Made From Tears combining centuries-old craft with the freshest human tears.

Their website can be translated into different languages for Mummies, Werewolves, Zombies – and Vampire Bats, which amusingly turns the whole webpage upside-down. This helps to embed a consistent fun experience from their website to their shop, where you can experience service with a snarl!

Your next steps…

If you had to re-package your proposition, think about what you might do…

  • ·         What if you could change a small part of your range? What part would that be?
  • ·         Would it be a specific type of product or service?
  • ·         Would you add fun to the serious product, or seriousness to the fun product?
  • ·         What would make it stand out in the minds of your customers – and also for the local press?

Just do it…

Over your next cup of coffee, have some fun yourself. Think how you could re-package part of your idea – such that you could charge a premium price for it!.

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