Growth is the top priority for every small business. But how can you achieve this in a difficult and competitive world? 

Chris Thomason takes some best-practice approaches and shows you how to apply them in a practical way to grow your business. You can download a Sprint Guide after each video which helps you tailor the video’s topic to suit the specific needs of your business. Watch this introduction to learn more…

Videos to show you practical ways to achieve growth in your business

These Sprint for Growth videos each cover one specific topic around growth and most of them have a Sprint Guide you can download that helps you to tailor the topic specifically to suit your business and your needs. See the latest videos at the end!

#1 How to stand-out from your competition

As a business you have to beat your competition by standing out from them in the minds of your customers and prospects. You can do this by being different in some smart and ingenious ways – and this video will show you how to achieve this.

#2 Get the world’s best marketing for free

Word-of-mouth marketing is when your customers start telling their family, friends and colleagues about your business. It’s the best kind of marketing you can ever get – and it’s also free! This video shows you ways to encourage word-of-mouth marketing by your customers.

#3 Be noticed by being interesting

Being noticed by potential customers for something interesting or unusual that you do helps create awareness of your business. This video helps you find ways to do this more cost effectively and on a scale that makes a substantial impact on your revenues.

How to think differently about your business growth

These Thinking About Growth videos show you how to apply some practical, creative-thinking techniques to help you identify new and different ways to grow your business. See the latest videos at the end!

Grow by asking Killer Questions

Killer questions are one of the most effective ways to identify new business growth opportunities. This video shows you how to pose them – and then how to answer them well.

How to incubate your business thinking

This video explains that to identify interesting growth opportunities, you need to allow time for your mind to incubate your business thinking by ‘ignoring’ your issue for a while – and then coming back to it later…

How small change can add thousands in value for the small business…

This video shows you how making one small change each month can add tens of thousands in extra revenues over a period of just two years. It’s the power of making changes that endure…

  • How to encourage existing customers to buy new products from you
  • Why complaints are good
  • How to get new customers buying your existing products
  • Easy ways to get inside your customers’ minds
  • The power of ignoring things
  • How to sell new products to new customers
  • Ways you can get free publicity for your business
  • How your own personal experiences are the source of your creative power
  • Why a purpose makes you a better business 
  • Your hidden assets that let you play to your strengths to win by a millimetre
  • Understanding your customer lifecycle
  • How to achieve the state of “flow” when you’re doing creative thinking

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