Sprint for Growth PLUS

Our innovative advisory process for SMEs with more than 10 employees

As a larger small-business, we can assist you with a highly-innovative, and extremely cost-effective, approach where we create your Sprint Map with you. This enables you to identify and deliver a series of small changes that achieve big results in short timeframes. The results aren’t about promotions, pricing or marketing gimmicks – they are opportunities that form long-term platform for growth. As you continue to deliver more sprints, the effects are compounded over time.

Sprint for Growth book

How is Sprint for Growth PLUS different?

This Sprint for Growth PLUS approach differs significantly from the Blueprint. As an integral part of the process, you have the opportunity to invite 12 – 16 people to assist you in identifying growth opportunities through the use of the creative thinking Sprint for Growth workbooks (shown left).

You identify appropriate people from your own team and other stakeholders whose business acumen you respect, and you invite them to apply their minds in a creative manner to generate ideas and growth opportunities for you.

These external perspectives can throw up different ideas and unexpected opportunities for your business. Each of the people you invite will complete a total of six, 15-minute thinking exercises over a period of two weeks. Taking part has benefits for them as they will also learn something of value for their own business.

The Growth Map

Included in your Sprint for Growth PLUS:

  1. A set of customer experience sensations (or guidelines) to differentiate your business from your competition
  2. Your specific customer lifecycle which helps you understand how to get maximum value from customers
  3. A plan of touchpoints that progress prospects to loyal customers
  4. A set of tools to help you be continually identifying fresh growth opportunities
  5. A mechanism to engage your team members in specific growth activities
  6. A hopper of new opportunities and ideas ready for you to deliver
  7. A visualised sprint management system to monitor where your team are on the sprint deliveries

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Gives you an overview of how the process would work for your business

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