Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to all your questions (hopefully)…

How big is the Blueprint?

Your Sprint for Growth Blueprint is 610mm x 1890mm long – that’s 24” x 74” in Imperial size, or about the size of a single sleeping bag, if you like.

How do I use my Blueprint?

There’s a free ebook guide you can download that explains how you use your Blueprint. You can get it from here.

How is the Blueprint sent out?

The blueprints are mailed in a sturdy, cardboard mailing tube. Within the UK postage is Royal Mail first class. Overseas postage is Royal Mail international standard class with delivery of 3 – 5 working days in Europe and 5 – 7 working days elsewhere.

What's the Blueprint made of?

The Blueprint is a full-colour paper roll, suitable for mounting on the wall of your office of workspace. Some elements of it are written on by you as these are permanent, while other areas use sticky-notes which can be moved around and changed as you need. The Blueprint is designed to take standard 38mm x 51mm sticky-notes which can be bought from most decent stationers – or online if you want.

What does the Sprint for Growth PLUS process deliver for me?

The process delivers your Growth Map PLUS with your customer experience sensations, your customer lifecycle and your touchpoints pre-printed on it. Following the analysis from the Sprint for Growth workbooks, you also get 5 – 7 significant growth opportunities presented back to you and a significant list of quicker-wins that you can use to populate your growth opportunity hopper. This allows you to allocate your first six growth sprints immediately to specific people in your team to execute. The Growth Map allows for two sprint tracks each for sprints that can be delivered in this week, in this month, and in this quarter.

How does the Blueprint differ from the Sprint for Growth PLUS Growth Map?

The Blueprint is designed for you work on yourself alongside the Blueprint Guide. The Growth Map is part of the Sprint for Growth PLUS process, which includes a consultative package where we work with you to create your Growth Map. The Growth Map has more room for touchpoints and sprint lanes, and is intended for the slightly ‘bigger’ SME.