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Meet the team

Sprint for Growth is a joint venture between Ingenious Growth and Attractive Marketing. Ingenious Growth has extensive expertise in the development of innovative growth opportunities through the development and delivery of appropriate customer experiences. Attractive Marketing has an understanding of the needs of smaller businesses and helping them to grow through effective marketing approaches. Together they have created the innovative Sprint for Growth process.

Ingenious Growth developed the Sprint for Growth process which is based on the work that the company’s founder, Chris Thomason, has undertaken with a range of large companies.

For one insurance company Chris identified minor changes in two areas that delivered £48 million pounds of additional revenue in the first year alone. For one of the UK’s largest mobile phone network providers, Chris led the team that developed their style of interacting with customers, which was rolled out to all 10,000 of their customer-facing staff.

Chris realised that small and medium sized companies could also achieve growth and benefit by applying some of the best big-business practices in a way that was appropriate for them. With this in mind, he developed two innovative Sprint for Growth processes that form the basis of the business today.

Nicola Macdonald started Attractive Marketing in 2013 to help business owners develop marketing strategies and campaigns that generate quality leads with exactly the types of customers they want to do business with.

Nicola gained a post graduate diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing in 2003. All her working career has been within SMEs, which means she understands the specific challenges they face.

Five years prior to Attractive Marketing, Nicola was New Business Development Director with a company that implemented business software. In this time she gained an understanding of many different companies within a wide variety of industries. These experiences put her in an excellent position to now work very closely with her clients to help their businesses grow. Nicola was recognised as one of the top 50 Business Women in Surrey in 2015.

Nicola Macdonald

Chris Thomason is one of the most creative and innovative thinkers I know – he is always coming up with new ideas and sharing those with me to help my company.

Kerri K. Nelson

CEO & President, CustomersFirst Now

Nicola’s contribution to the success of my business has been without question. Her enthusiasm and drive is contagious and has genuinely breathed new life into the business.

Richard Excell

Owner, Excell Design

Chris is a very creative and insightful design professional, and he has a proven ability to identify new insights and develop customer experiences which help businesses grow.

Alan Pennington

Chairman SpectrumCX, Non Executive Director SuiteCX

Nicola is great to work with. She brings fresh ideas to my business and truly understands what we do and offer. I highly recommend Nicola to my clients as I know she can pick up any business and help grow it!

Charlie Lloyd

Director, HR Consultant