Every business has content. Whether it’s in the different products your shop sells, or in the different services you offer. But have you ever tried putting them together in different ways? This is known as curating your content.

Just as a museum or an art gallery change their displays by sometimes bringing things out of their store room and putting them on display in different ways – then so can you do the same. We talked about this in a previous post where you can curate your top selling items into a ranking. But here are two examples of how curating can go much further than this.

The Calm Box is a service that delivers a box of items to your home on a regular basis containing a selection of different items around a specific theme related to relaxation. It was originally intended for people with severe mental health issues but is now available to the public. They curate selections of items targeted at different types of people that are packaged and sent to their subscribers’ homes each month.

A different approach is that of UnderWraps who help you to remember key dates of family and loved ones by sending you online reminders of upcoming events such as anniversaries and birthdays. They also include a list of interesting items that may form appropriate gifts for that person from a selection that their shoppers have put together. You then choose the gift – and whether you want it sent to you or directly to your loved one – and they then gift-wrap it and have it delivered.

Your next steps…

The above examples are just two of the many different ways of curating content. So, how could you curate your content for your customers?

  • Think of some different ways to organise and package the goods or services you offer – what’s a radically different approach?
  • Could you include some new things – or some old things – in your curated offer?
  • How could you offer a ‘curated service’ that would drive new business by appealing to non-customers?
  • What if you made an arrangement with another business to include some of what they do in your curation?

Just do it…

Write the heading Curating my content on top of a page in your notebook – and the next time you take a coffee break, try to come up with three ideas that address this.

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