With drones being in the news for many reasons both good and bad, Direct Line insurance have developed an interesting use for them. Fleetlights is a concept proposition whereby a drone fitted with floodlights hovers above you to help you see at night in badly lit areas. Whether this service is commercially launched or is just a concept remains to be seen. However, the principle behind it is sound and comforting.

If you were feeling vulnerable when walking home in the dark, this is the type of service that you’d probably classify as a great customer experience.

But think about the experience you offer to your customers – are there any moments in it where a customer may feel uncertain or vulnerable in any way? If you could eliminate these do you think it would improve the experience and positively impact your sales?

Your next steps…

Think about when your customers feel vulnerable at the different stages of their interaction with you. You need to consider this from their perspective, not yours:

  • What parts of your interaction give them ‘concerns’ in some way?
  • How could you comfort them and make things easier for them?
  • How could this be something to appeal to non-customers that would convert them into customers?

Just do it…

Ask someone you know who will give you a frank and honest view of what it’s like to be one of your customers and ask them what concerns they might have about dealing with you that you should be addressing.

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