Swedish pharmacy Apotek Hjartat is raising awareness for its quit-smoking products by using a digital billboard which features an image of a man. The billboard is fitted with a smoke detector, and when it detects cigarette smoke, the man in the billboard becomes animated and comes to life giving a loud, hacking cough. This gains the immediate attention of not just the smoker detected, but also other people nearby.

They launched this in January to engage the attention of people who made New Year resolutions to give up smoking but who may need some help through the quit-smoking products they sell.

Gaining awareness of your product or service is essential, for if a potential customer isn’t aware you exist then you have no chance of them considering you when they need a service you can supply. So what might your equivalent of this coughing billboard be?

Rather than engaging people who are failing on their New Year resolutions, what other cheap, smart ways could you get someone’s attention on an ongoing-basis? How do attract someone to a weekend special? Or a month-end want? Or a business quarter need? And what’s a really simple mechanism you can apply to deliver this attention-getting activity?

Your next steps…

Gaining awareness is just one stage in the customer lifecycle. If you take a look at The Blueprint you will be able to plot the stages your prospects and customers go through, to better understand how to engage with them at each point as the relationship develops.

Think about ways that you can gain awareness of your business:

  • Would it be for a specific product, service or location?
  • Would it be for something more generic that differentiates you?
  • What’s a novelty approach that would be symbolic of your business or style that would get the attention of people?

Just do it…

Engage other people’s brains – ask one of these questions of people you know and listen closely to what they suggest!

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