Your creation of amazing customer experiences is synonymous with designing great customer journeys, and though we show these journeys as beautiful linear diagrams, unfortunately they are often far from linear.

Your many and varied touchpoints form a complex network (or Touchpoint Terrain Map) of potential routes that customers can take with your organisation. In the early stages of their lifecycle with you in particular, they may move around this network in seemingly irrational ways dependent upon their needs, personal preferences – and the specific action that occurred at a previous touchpoint.


How many angels can dance on a touchpoint?

Asking how many angels can dance on a pin head is like asking how many customers can be on a touchpoint at any moment. The answer is an immeasurable number. For if your customers or prospects are interacting with you either directly or indirectly, then by default they are all sitting somewhere on your touchpoint terrain. So what are those touchpoints doing at this very moment to boost the customers’ experience of you – and ultimately to increase the chance they will do business with you?

It’s vitally important to understand how each touchpoint can stand up for itself and deliver an experience for the customer and value to the business in the moment it is occurring by accelerating the customer towards their desired goal.


What is Touchpoint Mastery?

Think of any touchpoint and all the customers who are sitting on it at this moment. Who in your organisation owns this touchpoint? Who is responsible for ensuring that the customer advances to the most appropriate next touchpoint in a timely manner? Who is responsible for boosting this touchpoint?

Touchpoint Mastery is an understanding that it’s your touchpoints that do the hard work, deliver the actual customer experiences, and deliver the revenues that your business depends upon. Out of this understanding comes an intense focus on developing every touchpoint to deliver to its maximum potential.

Download the 12-page Touchpoint Mastery template here.

Using a thinking template for Touchpoint Mastery

The Touchpoint Mastery document is in the form of a thinking template and is an innovative new approach to identifying fresh ideas on an issue. It helps you to allocate every touchpoint to a specific individual who then completes one of these thinking templates to maximise the potential of their touchpoint.

This thinking template is based on a process from The Idea Generator book by Chris Thomason, a CX and innovation consultant. It’s a pen and paper approach to help you think clearly and differently to find new answers to old questions.


The Touchpoint Mastery template helps you to:

  • Map your touchpoint to understand the transitions between touchpoints
  • Break your touchpoints down into meaningful chunks
  • Creatively overcome problems with the touchpoint
  • Use a DARPEC process on the touchpoint to understand the full experience at that touchpoint
  • Improve touchpoint hand-overs
  • Enable employees to deliver at the touchpoint
  • Interrogate the touchpoint with a series of interesting questions
  • Bake your desired customer experience sensations into the touchpoint
  • Understand the seven traits of Touchpoint Mastery

Download your FREE Touchpoint Mastery template here.

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