Our Killer Questions help us to achieve the growth that we need in business today, and this month’s Killer Question is: How can smaller, local businesses compete with the big brands?

Come together

In Austin, Texas the giant taxi-connecting service Uber took a cab and left town because they refused to subject their drivers to fingerprint security checks required by the city council. Acknowledging that the principle of ride-sharing was good for the city, a local tech company Trilogy and a recruitment business Crossover set up a non-profit operation called RideAustin. Drivers get paid more; the business meets all the needs for security; users can round up their fare to make a donation to a local charity, and local people benefit from the service. Wins all round.

The core of the app’s software was readily available as ride-sharing isn’t new – and it got the attention of the local people to support a local operation rather than a large global brand.

Your next steps…

Think of some other local businesses in your town, suburb or area:

  • How could you ‘combine’ your two propositions to make something new and interesting that would stand-up against the big brands that threaten you?
  • How could you test and trial something quickly?
  • Think of a business who does something that would boost your business significantly – or what could you do that would boost their business significantly? How could this be a potentially sizeable opportunity for you both?

Just do it…

Get on the phone to another local business and ask the owner if they are willing to explore for opportunities that would be of real benefit to both of you. Arrange to have a coffee with them to see what paths can be opened up.

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