In 2015, there were 5.1 million micro-businesses in the UK that employed less than 10 people. But what’s amazing about these businesses is the significant value they add to the UK economy. According to Department for Business, Innovation and Skills figures, they accounted for 33% of UK employment and 18% of business turnover.

Conversely, at the bigger-end of town, there were only 7,000 businesses classified as ‘large’ with over 250 employees. And it’s these businesses that consulting companies target, for they are the ones able to afford the fees that consultancies need to charge to deliver their best-practice services.

But don’t the micro-businesses also deserve to offer best-practice experiences to their customers? For aren’t their customers likely be the people employed by the largest of businesses – and their family members too?

Supporting these micro-businesses is the aim of the Sprint for Growth team. To enable them to offer the best of experiences to their customers – and to subsequently use this to achieve the growth they need and deserve.

They will never be able to afford the services of consultancies, and so we’ve created an approach to match their budgets. We allow them to download a FREE guide to innovative ways to find growth for their business. This is our way of supporting these micro-businesses who are the back-bone of the UK economy.

Then, if they want a convenient way to map out their growth opportunities, for just £70 (around €90 or $100) they can purchase a large format Blueprint to guide them through a series of exercises to develop their own branded customer experiences and to identify a series of sprints to deliver business growth.

There are more details on the Sprint for Growth Blueprint here. If you want to download the ingenious free guide yourself – you can do it here.

So, here’s my challenge to all of you in big businesses and in leading consultancies. Do your bit to help service the un-serviceable clients – the ones who will never be able to afford even the most basic of your services.

Let’s help them to grow. After all, you are their customers – even on your local high street – so support them in a different way. Share this Blueprint knowledge with them, and with your network. Let’s give British small businesses a helping hand…