Creating magic moments

Creating some customer experience (or CX) magic in your business might be easier than it sounds – if you are willing to think a bit harder.

Delivering great experiences to customers doesn’t have to be about offering five-star luxury and service every minute of the day. It can be about creating moments of delight for the customer through the little things your business does.


In Reykjavik’s old harbour is the seafood restaurant Saegreifinn – Icelandic for The Sea Baron. One of the many types of seafood they offer there is Minke Whale. They serve this in the form of a kebab – with the wonderful name of Moby-Dick-on-a-Stick. This piece of marketing magic (or mischief) has received much coverage on the internet and raised the restaurant’s profile quite significantly.

Eddie Stobart Trucking

This principle of creating attention grabbers is applicable to non-consumer industries too. Consider Eddie Stobart trucking for example. They started naming their delivery vehicles with female names such as Helen Victoria and Rebecca Katy. This raised the awareness of their brand to the extent that there are websites devoted to where specific trucks were seen and on what date. There is even a members club (annual fee £18) where members can submit suggestions for the name for any new vehicle in the Stobart fleet. And if you’re a real fan, there’s the mobile app where you can track any vehicle in the fleet for just £3.99. Brilliant!

They also raise their profile by being relevant to news. They named one of their trucks in memory of April Jones, the unfortunate young girl who was killed in her home town of Machynlleth, Wales a few years ago. It may be seen as a marketing stunt by some, but it can also be viewed as a poignant reminder of a child’s untimely death – and to raise awareness of child safety.

From chocolate powder to pixie dust

Prior to seeing a show at London’s Royal Festival Hall in the Southbank Centre, we stopped for coffee at Caffè Vergnano 1882. I had one of their signature hot chocolates – that’s my drink you can see in the picture above.

Sprinkling chocolate-powder on the foam of drinks isn’t new by any means, but the way it was presented by Caffè Vergnano was very well-executed. The 1882 was aligned with the handle, so that as I picked up the cup with my left hand to drink, the 1882 faced me continuously.

It’s the desire of all marketing departments to do the hardest thing possible with a customer – and that’s to change their behaviour. Large companies spend vast sums of money attempting this, and invariably fail.

Usually, I drink my coffee holding it in my right-hand. This little café influenced me, and changed my behaviour to make me drink left-handed, simply by the way they sprinkled their chocolate powder on my drink. It seems that chocolate powder is the new pixie-dust!

It’s not about the big things…

Amazing customer experiences rarely come from doing one big-thing. This is because great experiences are invariably created through a myriad of smaller, yet delightful details.

The question for you then is What ingenious ways are there for you to raise the profile of an element of your business? Especially one that is hard for competitors to follow.