There are three identical growth sprints on the Sprint for Growth Blueprint arranged as individual sprint tracks for you to use to advance a growth idea through to completion. Each sprint lists a number of components to ensure you have the greatest chance for that particular sprint to be successful in its delivery and outcome. Each sprint has eight stages:

Sprints part 1

What is it, who will do it & by when?

Give the sprint a name to identify it and state (if not you) who will be responsible for delivering this sprint. You may wish to use a different coloured sticky note for the different people involved so that you can see at a glance what you are responsible for. A final key point is to set a target date when this sprint will be delivered.

Why will the customer want this?

It’s important to make sure that your customers will want this ‘thing’ you are doing and that it’s not just something you think the customer wants. Your growth needs to be based on facts.

How can you get proof of this?

There’s nothing better than getting some original customer quotes to validate this. This is called the Voice of the Customer and is an extremely powerful tool in determining what you should do to grow your business – for it’s the customer telling you what they like, and don’t like, about your proposition.

What will success look like?

You need to identify some kind of measure so you’ll know that this sprint has been a success. It could be a hard business metric such as number of units sold – or it could be something softer such as what will customers be saying in social media about this proposition?

Sprints part 2

How quickly can you test this?

Is there a way to get a low-fidelity sample in front of customers that you can test with them to get their feedback, and how quickly can you do this?

Which customers should test it?

Decide which of your customers you want to use to test and validate the demand for this? Determine the best way to set this up and then make it happen.

What key problems need resolving?

Nothing ever seems to go remarkably easily, so identify the biggest problems you may face in bringing this sprint into reality and make a plan for how you will overcome them.

What are the next few things that you will do?

Here’s where you identify the final few activities to make this sprint a reality in your business. Once these items are completed, then all the sticky-notes in this sprint track can be removed and the track cleared for a new sprint to start.

You can download a free copy of the Sprint for Growth Blueprint guide which explains growth sprints in more detail here.

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