Your customer experience sensations are the ways in which customers experience all that you do in your business. It’s the branded personality of the overall experience that you deliver. If you stripped away all the branding from (for example) your retail store and did the same for your competitor’s stores, would a customer be able to know which store experience was yours? When asked, would they be able to say it just ‘felt’ like what they’d expect from you?

Two businesses can have identical products at the same price, but serve their customer in two very different ways. Your experience sensations are what make you different to – and better than – your competition. When you define your customer experience sensations, each one should be crafted as a single word that has a longer description attached to it as an explanation.

The type of customer experience sensations you will want to deliver may be dictated to some degree by the nature of the industry you are in. A funeral parlour would offer a completely different customer experience to a cocktail bar for example. But even if you were one of these two types of business, you are still in competition with others offering similar services and your customer experiences can help you to differentiate your business – so you stand out in the marketplace.

Here are two examples of experience sensations that a funeral parlour might demonstrate:

CX Sensations eg 1

And here are two potential sensations for a cocktail bar:

CX Sensations eg 2

You can download a free copy of the Sprint for Growth Blueprint guide which explains customer experience sensations in more detail here.

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