Information at your finger tips

Thanks to the Internet we have so much information at our finger tips. If you want to research a subject you merely type in a couple of words and hey presto, there’s myriad articles vying for your attention.

The opportunities to learn about all sorts of subjects and find out how to solve a problem are endless. If you’ve not long started a business or are a microbusiness with one or two people, access to all this information to help you grow your business is fantastic. Or is it?

Congratulations! You’re now in charge of your destiny!

Perhaps you started your business because you had a great idea for a product or service. Maybe you’d had enough of working for someone else and it was time to benefit directly from years of expertise. Or maybe you took redundancy and decided the time was right for a change. Whatever the reason congratulations! It’s a brave and exciting step and one that many would like to take but just haven’t got the bottle.

Many hats of a business owner

If this sounds familiar to you, we expect that it didn’t take long to realise that there’s now a whole new raft of skills to learn in order to be able to grow your business. Tasks such as marketing to generate leads, sales to close the deal, excellent customer service to bring them back again and again and to receive recommendations. Not to mention you’re now head of finance too. No problem – the Internet is there to show you how to do this!

Information overload

But, the reality is there’s so much information where do you start? What do you trust? Who do you trust? How do you know the right questions to ask yourself? When do you stop researching and start taking action?

Let’s get down to business. Consider this…

We wanted to cut through this information overload and stop the procrastination to bring a succinct set of information into the microbusiness owners’ office that will:

  • Help you stand head and shoulders above your competitors
  • Pose questions that inspire ideas that result in growth opportunities
  • Motivate you to take actions that deliver results

The solution is very simple and extremely cost effective. It’s the Sprint for Growth Blueprint. The big picture of your business big picture.

The Blueprint sits on your wall. It’s a bit like having your very own business mentor present all of the time to help you when things seem to be tough. Or when you need inspiration. Or when you have an idea you don’t want to lose.

Your Blueprint contains a plan to develop an excellent customer experience that not even your competitors can copy.

Your Blueprint maps out your customer journey from when they first become aware of you or your business through to becoming a loyal customer. The Blueprint helps you improve every touch point at every step of your customers’ journey to get them moving more quickly through the cycle.

Your Blueprint also has 5 business tools to inspire growth ideas, overcome dilemmas and break through mental blocks.

Your Blueprint captures all your growth ideas into an opportunity hopper and feeds them into sprints where you break them down into bite sized chunks. You take action. The job gets done. Results will follow.

To find out more about each section of the Blueprint download our eBook The Blueprint Guide.

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